Turnkey Ventures takes a unique underwriting approach to the Real Estate acquisition, development, and tenant placement of every project.


Our three areas of focus are Real Estate Acquisition + Development + Private Equity

A new project for Turnkey Ventures involves a thorough diligence process of the Real Estate investment, the development timeline, as well as the ability of the tenant’s business to profitably scale… all resulting in a positive experience for our team, investors, tenants, and end customers.

Real Estate Acquisition

Great real estate acquisition involves many variables. Our approach is to underwrite each opportunity based on our mission to find projects that can withstand a recession, the evolution of retail to online, and matching great tenants with our sites that enable them to scale. We tend to take a more proactive and conservitive approach on the real estate acquisition side of our model to offset risk in uncertain times.



Turnkey Ventures matches our development cycle with our Real Estate acquisition team to keep timelines and cost to maximum efficiency. This helps get tenants in as quick as possible, and value-add from day one of any Turnkey Ventures projects and investments.


Private Equity

There are times when we see an opportunity with a specific business owner, franchise, or new concept where our private equity team will engage in diligence to see if Turnkey Ventures will invest or partner with the tenant’s business. This can offset risk for our partners, investors, and tenants.

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