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Analysis and Research

Great real estate investing involves many things, and it’s not just about the way a place looks, functions, and performs on the financial side. What is often necessary is some cautious arranging and critical thinking about long term performance, as well as neighborhood comps, outside parties who may later become involved, the general culture and feel of a local market, and potential competition. On top of all that, it is vital to take a considerate & respectful approach to investing and consider the needs of everyone involved.


Planting the Seed

We have a rich history of creating value in all types of real estate investments, and our portfolio shows it.

Since our inception, Turnkey Ventures has consistently created and nurtured lasting relationships with our investment clients and partners. Our portfolio encompasses dozens of millions of dollars worth in holdings & dispositions, and we actively invest with a variety of quality partners in joint ventures across the United States.

We believe in providing utmost transparency en route to seeing strong property investment performance. We work to identify opportunities that match the strengths and competitive advantages of our firm, and conduct the due diligence to ensure that every move we make is in the best interest of the general public and of every one of our partners, clients, and stakeholders. We pursue projects where we can make a difference with critical improvements, and our background in the industry helps guide the way to success.


Sensitive to the Surrounding Needs

Many of the projects we’ve done have been large scale and in urban areas with people passionate about their community & neighborhood. Given the location, prominence of property investing’s impact on local culture, we try to be as cautious, diligent, and sensitive to everyone’s considerations when choosing where (and with whom) to invest. Many projects and submarkets have an environmentally sensitive nature, restrictive local officials, concerned area residents, naturalists and environmentalists keenly interested in the plan for the property, and we always do our best to maintain altruism and transparency when investing in their area.